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RepairNstore - fast, reliable and fair! Microsoft Surface repairs at your RepairNstore branch!

Several certified specialists per branch offer you first-class service at your Microsoft Surface repair . If you want to use your Surface again as soon as possible, just come to our branches in Freiburg, Munich, Tuttlingen, Waldshut-Tiengen, Weil am Rhein / Basel, Bad Homburg, Offenburg or Thun (CH).

Microsoft Surface Pro repairs

You can't do without your Surface these days. It is our friend and constant companion. So that you don't have to go without your Microsoft Surface for a long time in everyday life, our employees will get it up and running again within 1-2 hours. RepaireNstore is one of the leading workshops for Microsoft Surfaces repairs and offers you a quick and professional solution.

Our technicians are trained and specialized in all types of damage to your Microsoft device. Whether externally or in terms of technology. The standard cases such as broken display, defective LCD, sound or battery problems up to water damage, can be dealt with by our employees in no time thanks to their many years of experience.

Nationwide Microsoft Surface Repair Service - we can carry out repairs for the following models

- Surface Book 1/2/3
- Surface laptop
- Surface Studio 2 / Surface Studio
- Surface Pro X

- Microsoft Surface RT
- Surface 2 / Surface Pro 2
- Surface 3 / Surface Pro 3
- Surface Pro 4 repair
- Surface Pro 5 (2017)
- Surface Pro 6
- Surface Pro 7

Whether from Berlin , Hamburg , Cologne , Frankfurt , Stuttgart , Leipzig , Dresden , Constancy , Bremen , Hanover , Dortmund , Nuremberg , Ulm , Dusseldorf , Wiesbaden , Mannheim , Karlsruhe , eat , Bonn , Muenster , Gelsenkirchen , Chemnitz , kassel , Heidelberg , Osnabrück , Darmstadt , Ingolstadt , Wurzburg , augsburg , Jena , cottbus , Rosenheim , Kempten , regensburg , Tubingen , trier , Saarbrücken , Hall , Rostock , Lübeck , Fulda , Koblenz , Wolfsburg , Bochum , Loerrach or Munich , we carry out computer repairs, tablets, cell phones, iPhone, Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book, throughout Germany.
We are the point of contact when it comes to professionally repairing a damaged iPhone, tablet, notebook, Macbook or PC-iMac. It doesn't matter to us what type of damage is. However, so that we can get an overview of the existing damage, we need your device on site.

As soon as we have received your package, we will immediately start the damage analysis to determine which parts need to be replaced. The work to be carried out is precisely documented and is included in our cost estimate in great detail. Most of our customers give us a repair order for their devices because we offer our service at unbeatable attractive prices.

We offer you a 6 month guarantee on your repairs

In the event of a complaint, you can return your device at any time.

Surface PRO display / glass / screen repair

When the display unit is repaired, the complete front unit of your Microsoft Surfaces repaired again.
In most cases, both the touchscreen and the LCD are damaged in the event of a fall or impact, which are usually also easily recognizable.
In such cases, replacing the affected parts is usually the only solution. In mostly tablets and notebooks, the LCD and touchscreen are permanently connected to one another and can only be repaired or replaced together.
If you decide to have a repair, you will receive a completely new display, screen, LCD from us. We strongly advise you not to repair it yourself! Often times you break more than you fix.

Microsoft Surface battery replacement - change

The battery is considered to be the biggest weak point in Microsoft Surfaces. But even with intensive use, a single charge per day should be sufficient.
In case you have your Microsoft Surface need to charge more often, this indicates a defect.
If the smartphone can no longer be switched on at all, this can also be due to a defective battery.
Since the battery is a wear part, wear and tear can also be the reason for the defect.
We examine the battery and replace it if necessary.