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  • Send package to the following address:
  • repairNstore
    Hammerstrasse 53
    4058 Basel

  • Please back up all your data (backup)
  • Deactivate iPhone search or remove Google account
  • Please enclose the completed repair form
  • Include accessories with your device
  • Please pack the device well padded
  • We will transfer the amount after verification.

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Selling cell phones on the Internet made easy thanks to If you want to sell a smartphone, for example an iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, a Samsung Galaxy S23, or a Google Pixel 7, 8, 9, it's child's play with us. Our online store specializes in buying cell phones online. The simple online cell phone purchase is supported by the clear page structure. To sell used smartphones, for example, you only need the item name. The easiest and quickest way to sell your cell phone is to scan the barcode with the repairNstore app. Once you have found your cell phone, click on the "Sell" button. You can now sell more products or go to the shopping cart. You can complete the cell phone purchase via the menu item "Checkout". All you have to do now is click on Complete order. You will then be shown an order confirmation for your order. You can then arrange for the cell phone to be sent via the post office. You can send the items to us free of charge. Once we have received the cell phone purchase, you will immediately receive a confirmation email for the cell phone purchase.

Before a cell phone goes on sale, it has to undergo extensive quality testing. Every cell phone that reaches repairNstore is hand-checked by our grading team upon receipt. For this purpose, there are standardized attributes that evaluate the usability of a submitted cell phone. These are checked very conscientiously and strictly so that you as the buyer can expect high quality. Decisions are made not only according to existing quality features as such, but also according to the gradation of those attributes. For example, components such as the visual appearance (scratches, cracks, broken parts) are of great importance. The cell phone is then checked in detail. Features such as water damage, functionality of the keyboard, battery and loudspeaker are only part of the elaborate repairNstore grading that is carried out on a used cell phone. The gradation refers to the relevance of the damage. A small scratch is less serious than a deep crack in the display of a cell phone. A scratch on the display is not a massive damage, but can still lead to a downgrading (downgrading of the purchase price).

As a customer, you can get a first impression of the quality of your phone before the sale. Does it have water damage, deep scratches, do the buttons work, is the battery original or is the speaker defective? Would you want to buy your cell phone in this condition yourself? The better the condition, the more money you get for your used cell phone. Careful and careful handling is therefore always advisable, both for you as the seller and for the buyer of your phone.

Don't just throw away your cell phone - recycle it! After selling your cell phone, you can view your balance and have it paid out by arranging a transfer to your bank account. Buying a cell phone via comes with numerous advantages. Here you can sell used cell phones - at a fixed price and without long auctions. It is not only possible to sell individual old cell phones, but also to buy several cell phones at the same time. Once the cell phone purchase has been completed, the money is transferred within a few days. The item is accepted just a few days after the cell phone is purchased and dispatched.

Buying a cell phone through is simple, fast and uncomplicated. Cell phone recycling: try it out now: Sell your old cell phone, tablet or computer & collect money.

Very important

If the following functions are not deactivated, we will not be able to issue you with a credit note and will have to return the device.


Deactivate the "Find my iPhone" function.


Remove your Google account from the device.