Terms and Conditions (GTC)


1. General

The general terms and conditions (GTC) are an integral part of the purchase of a repair service via this platform (repairNstore). The seller is repairNstore.de.

The general terms and conditions apply to all of our sales contracts, deliveries and services.

By ordering products and services from our range, the conditions are deemed to have been accepted.

Should any provision of these general terms and conditions be void for whatever reason, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

All services and products that are provided by www.repairnstore.ch for the customer are made exclusively on the basis of the following general terms and conditions.

Deviating regulations are only valid if they have been agreed in writing between www.repairnstore.ch and the customer.


2. Offer and prices

The offers of repairnstore on the Internet represent a non-binding offer to the customer, in the repairnstore online shop

Order goods and services. By ordering the desired goods and services on the Internet, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.

An order is only placed through an order confirmation via email or delivery. The prices listed at the time of the order apply.

Price fluctuations during the execution of the order cannot be taken into account. Errors and mistakes in the shop do not oblige you to sell the goods.

All technical information on the individual products is based on the information provided by the manufacturer and is binding in this context.

www.repairnstore.ch reserves the right at any time to cancel both confirmed and unconfirmed orders and to immediately reimburse the customer for prepayments that have already been made.

There is therefore no obligation to deliver a product at any time.


3. Delivery

The goods and services are only delivered to addresses in Germany and the EU. The execution of the order begins after receipt of payment.


4. Part deliveries

Whenever possible, www.repairnstore.ch will carry out the repair service and order as a whole. The buyer agrees to accept partial deliveries.

There is no additional cost here.


5. Delivery time / execution time of the repair

There is no binding specification of delivery times / execution times. Repaired cell phones and goods that are in stock are sent to the customer by DHL or Deutsche Post.

Delayed arrival, regardless of the cause, in no case entitles the invoice amount to be deducted and is not the basis for a claim for compensation.

This also applies in particular in the event that the customer has to rent a replacement product due to the delay in delivery.

www.repairnstore.ch also rejects any liability for delays in forward transactions on the part of the customer.


6. Taking back and exchanging / canceling appointments

The exchange and return of goods delivered in accordance with the contract and repairs carried out are not possible.


Important: Booked express repair appointments are binding. We reserve the appointment exclusively for you.

If you do not keep the appointment and do not cancel at least 6 hours in advance by email, you will be charged 30% of the price of the booked repair.


7. Warranty Services

www.repairnstore.ch grants a 6 month guarantee on the repair and the replaced parts.

The warranty period begins on the date the repaired cell phone is returned.

The buyer is obliged to report any defects immediately to www.repairnstore.ch and to follow their instructions for an exchange or repair.

Defective goods, regardless of weight or size, must be sent or delivered by the buyer to a return location communicated by www.repairnstore.ch.

The costs and the risk of this transport are borne by the buyer.


The guarantee can only be claimed at the www.repairnstore.ch location where the initial repair took place.


This guarantee explicitly excludes damage as a result of:

drop, falls of all kinds, bumps, blows, collisions, pressure, exposure to heat, prolonged exposure to the sun, exposure to cold, liquids,

Dirt, dust, grime, mud and damage caused by attempts at self-repair by the buyer.


Transport damage must be reported to the post office and to us in writing no later than 24 hours after receipt of the goods.

We are not liable for defects that arise as a result of incorrect handling, normal wear and tear or external influences.

In the case of repairs to the goods in-house or by third parties without our written consent, the warranty claim against us expires.


8. Limitation of Liability

Further claims by the customer, for whatever legal reasons, are excluded. www.repairnstore.ch is therefore not liable for damage that did not occur on the delivery item itself.

This also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and vicarious agents.

The installation and use of spare parts and accessories is expressly at the customer's own risk and responsibility.

By installing spare parts and accessories, the customer's product (e.g. his mobile phone) can be damaged or destroyed and the manufacturer's guarantee becomes void.

www.repairnstore.ch is not liable for such damages, their direct or indirect consequences and also not for the loss of guarantee.

In particular, www.repairnstore.ch is not liable, among other things, for - the lost profit or for other financial losses of the customer,

- Injuries to the customer when installing the spare parts or accessories supplied by www.repairnstore.ch, - Damage to products in which www.repairnstore.ch

supplied spare parts or accessories have been installed, regardless of the cause of this damage,

- Damage caused by products in which spare parts or accessories supplied by www.repairnstore.ch have been installed or which have been repaired by www.repairnstore.ch,

regardless of the cause of this damage, - etc.


9. Damage analyzes & repair offers

Calculate for damage analyzes & repair offers for extensive or unknown damage

we flat rate 59 €. This € 59. will then be credited if a repair order is placed for us.


10. Data protection

The data transmitted by you will be treated with strict confidentiality by www.repairnstore.ch.

We only pass on the data to third parties (e.g. shipping services) if this is necessary for order processing.

We assume no liability for data security during transmissions over the Internet

(e.g. due to technical errors on the part of the provider) or for possible criminal access by third parties to files on our website.


11. Retention of title

The products delivered by www.repairnstore.ch remain the property of www.repairnstore.ch until www.repairnstore.ch has received the purchase price in full and in accordance with the contract and the products have been sent to the customer.


12. Copyright

All third-party logos, images and graphics shown are the property of the respective companies and are subject to the copyright of the respective licensor.

All photos, logos, texts, reports, scripts and programming routines shown on these pages, which are our own developments or have been prepared by us,

may not be copied or otherwise used without our consent. All rights reserved.


13. Other

www.repairnstore.ch has no influence on items being taken out of the range by their suppliers and thus no longer available, or if their type, design or price have been changed.

If www.repairnstore.ch is offered a replacement item at the same price by the supplier, www.repairnstore.ch will inform the customer about it.

A claim for damages due to items that are no longer available cannot be asserted against us. Www.repairnstore.ch reserves the right to change prices of individual articles.