Cell phone repairs in Thun, Bern, Neuchatel, Interlaken, Einsiedeln, Lucerne and Langnau in the Emmental

iPhone screen repair

If your iPhone screen cracks or gets damaged, we can fix it in less than 30 minutes!

Samsung repair

If you're having problems with your Samsung phone, we offer you the best repair service in town. The most common Samsung repairs take less than 30 minutes with us.

mobile phone repair

We are your local cell phone repair service and can quickly repair all makes and models including phones from Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Huawei and more!

iPhone repair

Your iPhone is broken and you want to have it repaired quickly and professionally? With us you have come to the right place. We'll get your iPhone going again within a few minutes. We carry out more complex repairs within 24 hours. Come and visit us in one of our branches in Thun, Bern, Nauchatel, Lucerne, Einsielden, Interlaken and Lagnau im Emmental

We are fast, professional and fair in terms of price / performance. Whether your display is defective, the home or power button does not work or your battery has given up, we always have a suitable solution for you.

Even in the event of total damage or contact with water, our competent employees in one of our branches near you will help you. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you repair your cell phone.

Samsung cell phone repair

Nowadays you can no longer do without your smartphone. It is our friend and constant companion. So that you don't have to go without your mobile phone for a long time in everyday life, our employees will get it up and running again within 30 minutes. RepaireNstore is one of the leading workshops for iPhone repairs and offers you a quick and professional solution.

Our technicians are trained and specialized in all types of damage to your iPhone. Whether externally or in terms of technology. The standard cases such as broken display, defective LCD, sound or battery problems up to water damage, can be dealt with by our employees in no time thanks to their many years of experience.

Broken display on your mobile phone

Cell phone screen repair in just a few minutes? Yes, of course, at your RepairNstore branch.

The repair of a display is one of the standard repairs that our service offers. Our technicians carry them out almost every day and are very competent in their field. Regardless of whether your display only has a crack, is completely broken or does not show a picture, in any case you have come to the right place. In the event of multiple damage at the same time, we offer you various combination options at fair conditions.

Xiaomi repair

The device can sometimes be used while it is functional, but we recommend replacing the screen as soon as possible. Why? It could be dirt, dust or water getting through the cracks and causing further damage to your phone. Cracking and shattering the screen can cause further damage and pose a safety hazard to your fingers. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to get your Xiaomi Display exchange.

Battery change for all models

Before you make an appointment with repairNstore to replace your cell phone battery, let's first look at some possible solutions. Firstly, if your phone is running very slowly, you may have a software problem. Reboot your phone by force closing all apps, uninstalling any recently downloaded files and restarting it. Next, turn off GPS and location services. Finally, turn off Wi-Fi when you are out of range of your network. This will prevent your phone from wasting power trying to find a connection. The article on battery problems has many more tips. Some of these also apply to Xiaomi. repairNstore can help you with any problems you encountered after trying all other options. We can diagnose and determine if the cell phone battery is damaged. In this case we can replace it while you wait in our store.

Huawei repair

There are a number of ways Huawei devices can break, and it's not always the user's fault. Sometimes certain buttons and other features just don't work as they should over time.

Here are the most common Huawei repairs we do:

Huawei smashed screen repair
LCD/Digitizer replacement
Replacement battery for Huawei smartphones
Huawei was damaged by water
Broken headphone jacks
Backup cameras (front and back)
Loose buttons (mute, volume, etc.)
If you damaged your Huawei in any other way or the error is not listed above, please contact us. Our team will assess the damage or functional issue and provide an honest assessment of their ability to fix it.

Your smartphone is defective? Then you are right on our repair service. Find the right repair for all popular smartphone models here. Of course also for smartphones that are NOT insured.

Your repair order is in safe hands with us

  • Professionals nationwide in over 20 workshops
  • Uncomplicated and fast online booking
  • Estimated repair time directly visible

Damage diagnosis - what is missing from your device?

  • The most common display problems

    Glass breakage

    The most common display defect is glass breakage. The glass may be cracked or even completely broken. This severely limits the functionality of the device.

    Image errors

    Image errors can be very annoying in everyday use of the smartphone. These can be pixel errors, color errors or problems with the brightness, for example.

    Touchscreen without function

    A fall can cause the smartphone screen to freeze. Then the touchscreen is without function and no longer responds.

    Display scratches

    Scratches on the phone's display can not only be visually disturbing, but even limit the smartphone's usability.

  • Replace cell phone battery - The most common battery problems

    Battery does not charge

    You connect your phone to the charging cable and nothing happens? Accordingly, you can no longer charge your battery and your phone will lose its functionality.

    Short runtime

    After you charge the phone, the joy of texting or calling lasts only a short time, because the battery is empty again very quickly? A battery swap usually helps here.

    Change battery

    Do you want to have your battery replaced because it no longer performs well? The change can be done quickly and easily by a professional.

    Battery Other

    You have another problem with the battery? If none of the above causes of damage apply, a specialist will usually find out what the cause is and can rectify it.

  • Charging socket defective? Professional repair of your charging socket

    Charging socket deformed

    The daily charging of the smartphone can quickly deform the charging socket. If the charging socket is deformed, charging the battery is no longer possible.

    Charging socket clogged

    Over time, dust and co. collect in the charging socket - stubborn wool mice can then form inside the socket when the charging cable comes into contact with it.

    Charging socket glued

    If dirt collects in the charging socket, pressure and moisture can lead to a stuck charging socket over time. This may prevent the battery from charging.

    Charging socket other

    The cause is not always immediately visible. If none of the above causes of damage apply, a specialist will usually find out what the cause is and can rectify it.

  • Cell phone water damage repair

    Liquid damage

    If, for example, the contents of your drink land on your smartphone, the trouble is great. Under certain circumstances, the function of your cell phone is limited or no longer works.

    Waste water

    Dirty water includes contaminated water such as toilet water. If the phone comes into contact with it, the device may suffer water damage.


    It rained lightly or in torrents and your cell phone got something in the process? Even small amounts of water can damage the technology of your smartphone.

    Other water damage

    The cause is not always immediately visible. If none of the above causes of damage apply, a specialist will usually find out what the cause is and can rectify it.